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City Websites:  
    • Alpha - This small, rural community located a mile south of Interstate 90 about 6 miles east of Jackson is surrounded by corn fields, peace and quiet. 
    • Heron Lake This energized community of 734 is located on US Highway 60 is a Small Town with a Grand History and owns a piece of the future as the home of Heron Lake Bioenergy, one of Minnesota’s first ethanol plants, new housing development and an active Community Club. 
    • Lakefield - This friendly community of 1,600, the City of Lakefield straddles Highway 86, about 4 miles north of Interstate 90 with a bustling industrial park, expanding housing options, beautiful parks and aquatic center, vigorous retail community and a trail system. 
    • Jackson - Nestled in the Des Moines River Valley at the junction of Interstate 90 and US Highway 71, the City of Jackson is a community of approximately 3200 with an expanding industrial park, new housing developments, progressive Chamber of Commerce, and a focus on healthy living with tremendous park and a trail system.   
    • OkabenaThis small, rural community of 180 is located between Lakefield and Heron Lake, ‘Where Town & Nature Meet’ and means Nesting Place of Herons. Though its numbers are small, it has a thriving sense of community and a renowned  4th of July celebration.

School Websites:
    • Heron Lake - Okabena (PreK to 12) - Heron Lake - Okabena is a consolidated district with a focus on demonstrating and inspiring school/community pride in learning; confidence, trust and reliability in society; mutual encouragement through positive thoughts, speech and actions and respect through consideration towards self, others and property.
    • Immanuel Lutheran (PreK to 8) - Immanuel Lutheran school is an educational environment that promotes excellence and growth in the Lutheran Christian Faith where each child can strive to reach his or her potential. We believe that the parent is the child’s first teacher. It is only through parents and teachers working together and showing mutual respect that we hope to achieve what is best for each child at Immanuel Lutheran School.
    • Jackson County Central (PreK to 12) - Jackson County Central has experienced unprecedented success in the classroom, as well as in extracurricular activities, since the consolidation of the Jackson and Lakefield school districts in 1997, and the additional consolidation of the Sioux Valley district in 2000.
    • Minnesota West Community College - The Jackson Campus of Minnesota West has played an important role in preparing students for meaningful careers since 1967.  Jackson is nestled in the beautiful Des Moines River Valley in Southwest Minnesota. The campus has long been known for preparing technicians in fields of electrician and power lineman.