Permits, Applications and Forms

Ag Homestead - Special (Assessor) 
Ag Homestead Reapply - Special (Assessor)
Ag Homestead - Special Held Under a Trust (Assessor) 
Ag Homestead Reapply - Special Held Under a Trust (Assessor)
Ag Homestead - Special Owned by Authorized Entity (Assessor) 
Ag Homestead Reapply - Special Owned by Authorized Entity (Assessor)
Disabled Veteran - 70% (Assessor) 
Disabled Veteran - 100% (Assessor)
Family Caregiver Application (Assessor)
Green Acres Application (Assessor)
Homestead Application (Assessor)
Mobile Home Bill of Sale (Assessor)
Mobile Home Homestead Application (Assessor)
Property Tax Exemption (Assessor)
Purely Public Charity Application (Assessor)
Rural Reserve Property Tax (Assessor)
Surviving Spouse (Assessor) 

Victim  Impact Statement Form (Attorney)
Restitution Affidavit (Attorney)

Affidavit of Candidacy (Auditor)
Auctioneer (Auditor)
Campaign Finance Reporting Form (Auditor)
Certification of Filing Finance Reporting Form (Auditor)
Fireworks (Auditor)
Passport (Auditor)
Sale of Tobacco (Auditor)
Sale of Liquor (Auditor)
Sale of 3.2 /Malt Liquor (Auditor)
Transient Merchant (Auditor)

County Administrator
Job Application (Human Resources)

Data Requests
Data Request Information

Ag BMP Application
Setback Permit - Fillable (Planning & Zoning)
Conditional Use, Rezoning, Variance Request (Planning & Zoning) 
ISTS Temporary Waiver Form (Planning & Zoning)
Rock Inlet Cost Share Agreement (SWCD)
Rock Inlet Cooperators Statement (SWCD)
Septic System Disclosure / Transfer (SSTS)
Septic Recordable Lien Form (SSTS)
Septic Revolving Loan Fund Application (SSTS)
Sign Permit  - New (Planning & Zoning)

Burning Permit (Sheriff)
Exemption Notice and Notice of Intent to Levy Earnings (Sheriff)
Handgun Purchase (Sheriff)
Handgun Carry Permit (Sheriff)
Record / Report Request (Sheriff)
Vacation Watch (Sheriff)

Public Works 
Address Request Form (GIS)
Camping and Shelter House Reservation Form (Parks and Trails)
Ditch Work Order (Drainage & Ditch)
Driveway Permit (Engineering)

Moving Permit - Excel File (Engineering)
Utility Permit (Engineering)
Dust Control Application Permit

Birth Certificate Request Form (Recorder)
Death Certificate Request Form (Recorder)
Farm Disposal Affidavit (Recorder)
Marriage License Application (Recorder)
Marriage Educator's Statement (Recorder)
Notary Application (Recorder)
Real Estate Value Certification (Recorder)