SWCD Board

The Jackson SWCD is governed by an elected board, each representing several townships. The board meets the third Monday of each month, at 3:00 p.m. at the Land Office in Lakefield, MN

The current board officers include:

  • Chairman:  Larry G Hansen, term expires 2024, Area 5: Christiania, Belmont, Kimball, Enterprise
  • Vice Chair:  Paul E Nelson, term expires 2026, Area 4:  Des Moines, Middletown, Wisconsin, Petersburg
  • Secretary: Dan Riley, term expires 2026, Area 2: Ewington, Round Lake, Rost, Sioux Valley
  • Treasurer: Jeremy Daberkow, term expires 2026, Area 3:  Delafield, Hunter, Heron Lake, Minneota
  •  PR&I:  David Hussong, term expires 2024, Area 1: Alba, LaCrosse, Weimer, West Heron Lake