Burning Permits

Burning Permits may be acquired free of charge by Filling out the form online; Calling the Jackson County Sheriff's Office; or Coming to the Law Enforcement Center . 
Please be ready to give the Township(s) and Section(s) in which you intend to burn. Burning Permits are good for 2 years from the date of issue. Please call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office prior to burning at that location. Prohibited materials include Oils, Rubber, Plastics,Tires, Chemically treated materials, railroad ties, Treated lumber, Composite shingles, Tar paper, Insulation, Composition board, Sheetrock, Wiring, Paint, Hazardous and Industrial solid waste. 
When you call into burn, you agree to the following:
  • To keep this fire under control and to assume responsibility for all damages and costs that may result from burning done under this permit.
  • To attend this fire until completely extinguished.
  • To have this permit available at the burn site for inspection.
  • Not to burn if there is a practical alternative method for disposal of the material such as chipping or composting.
  • To use a clean burning device to start the fire.
  • Not to conduct burning during any air quality alert.
  • Not to burn paper or cardboard except as provided under Minnesota Statutes 17.135.
  • To extinguish the fire immediately if this permit is revoked.
  • That prevailing wind must be away from nearby occupied buildings.
  • That fires will not be allowed to smolder without flame.