Solid Waste / Recycling

Solid Waste Disposal

In Jackson County, approximately 80% of residential waste is disposed of in a licensed MSW Landfill or a licensed Resource Recovery Facility. This accounts for approximately 6,600 tons of garbage to be disposed of each year. The Cities of Alpha, Jackson, Lakefield, Okabena, Heron Lake and Wilder all provide a curbside pick-up service to their residents through a service contract with a licensed hauler. Most of our rural residents either have a scheduled pick-up through a licensed hauler or self-haul directly to a landfill. A small portion of our residents still opt for on-site disposal. This includes burning and/or burying their waste. The total on-site disposal amounts to approximately 840 tons per year. Burning and burying is illegal in most cases but there is a farm exemption that excludes certain materials and allows them to be burned and/or buried on-site.

Once our garbage has been hauled away on the truck its destination varies depending on which licensed hauler picks it up. We send waste to the Cottonwood County Landfill, Nobles County Landfill, Dickinson County Landfill (IA) and Prairieland Resource Recovery Facility.  First and foremost we should always REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE! Remember putting something in the trash should always be a last resort!


Jackson County utilizes Single-Stream recycling which means you don't have to sort your recyclables. All recyclable items can be placed in the curb-side bin or in the bins located at one of the Rural Recycling sites in Jackson County.  Cardboard boxes should be broken down and recyclables should be loose (not in plastic bags) in these bins (including the rural recycling sites).  Fees for recycling are assessed on to residential property taxes and do not increase or decrease based on individual usage. 

Click here for a listing of recyclable materials

2024 Jackson County Recycling Calendar

     2024 Recycling Calendar for Alpha

     2024 Recycling Calendar for Lakefield & Jackson (North of Ashley St)

     2024 Recycling Calendar for Heron Lake, Okabena, Wilder, & Jackson (South of Ashley St)

Recycling Film Plastic

Recycle Often, Recycle Right

How2Recycle Labeling System

Jackson County Rural Recycling Locations

Jackson County Highway Department

53053 780th St; Jackson (Co Rd 34)


89982 540th Ave; Windom  (South of Bergen Bar, Co Rd 21)

Delafield Township Grader Shed

91031 460th Ave; Windom (Co Rd 82)

Weimer Township Grader Shed

(14th St & 2nd  Ave; Heron Lake)

Community Point County Park

83953 432nd Ave; Lakefield (entrance to Park, Co Rd 16)


Okabena Liquor Store (south end of City Quonset)

Round Lake Campground

32835 740th St; Round Lake (Co Rd 3)

Sioux Valley

72957 400th Ave; Lakefield (Across from school – Co Rd 4 & 9)

County Hwy Shop near Lakefield

45930 820th St; Lakefield (East side of Lakefield - Co Rd 14)

Robertson County Park

48804 715th St; Jackson (Entrance, Co Rd 4)

Petersburg Township Hall

57808 718th St; Jackson

Click here to access Jackson County Solid Waste Ordinance

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