Belmont Park

This 80-acre park, located on the east bank of the Des Moines River, abounds in natural flora and fauna. A careful and observant hiker on a spring afternoon may observe the white-tailed deer, squirrels and many bird species, as well as a vast array of beautiful flowers.

The park area has a very unique and interesting history. The Sioux Uprising of 1857, which involved Inkpaduta and his warriors traveling the Des Moines River Valley and killing settlers along the way, involved this area. Also, the well-documented Belmont Massacre of 1862 centered around this park area, and the original site of Fort Belmont is within three miles of the park. The park area was first surveyed in 1874 by the St. Paul Railroad and divided into woodlots ranging from three to five acres in size. These woodlots provided food, fuel and shelter for pioneers moving into the area.

Facilities include: restrooms, log shelter house with electricity, well with hand pump, grills and picnic tables, self-guiding nature trail.


Belmont Park is located at 52005 850th Street, Jackson, MN.  To get to Belmont Park from Jackson, go north on U.S. Highway 71. Turn left on County Road 76 (850th St). There will be a sign that says Belmont Park 2 miles left. You will come to a T intersection on County Road 76 where you will turn left (520th Ave). Follow the curve to the right to go into Belmont Park.