Planning & Zoning

The Jackson County Land Management Office is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Jackson County Development Code for land use development. Goals and policies are oriented towards protecting the viable agricultural areas in the county and encouraging urban growth to take place in the areas adjacent to existing cities where urban services can easily be extended. These policies also promote natural resource protection by carefully controlling development in environmentally sensitive areas such as shorelands, wetlands, floodplains, woodlands, etc.

Specific information and procedures regarding Zoning Amendments, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, and Setback Permits can be found in Section Five (5) of the Jackson County Development Code.

Setback Permit Form

Conditional Use and Variance Form

Sign Permit Form

Fee Schedule

Setback Distances Chart

Special Permit (CUP & Variance) Information

The Jackson County Planning and Zoning Commission consists of eight (8) community members from a cross section of the county and one member from the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. The Planning and Zoning Commission is advisory in nature and provides assistance to the Board of Commissioners and Land Management Director by making recommendations on all applications for zoning amendments, ordinance amendments, interim use permits, and conditional use permits.

Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Chairman, John Hay
  • Vice Chairman, Jason Espenson
  • Dan Riley
  • Kurt Swanson
  • Dawn Aschman
  • Tara Hansen
  • Rob Arp
  • Bob Hartman
  • Commissioner, Current Chairman

The Jackson County Board of Adjustment and Appeals is a five (5) member board consisting of community members from a cross section of the county. This board acts upon all questions as they may arise in the administration of the Ordinance, including having the power to grant variances under certain conditions.

Board of Adjustment

  • Chairman, Richard Doescher
  • Vice Chairman, Richard Erickson
  • Jason Espenson
  • Doug Schuett
  • Michael Haeffner