The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has resumed normal business services.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is led by elected Sheriff Shawn Haken.
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office consists of several divisions, which generally provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to rural residents throughout the county as well as residents of the communities of Jackson, Okabena, Wilder, Alpha, and Bergen.
The services provided by the Sheriff's Office include the pursuit and apprehension of felons, investigation of crimes and accidents, searches for missing persons, patrolling county roads, and generally promoting public safety. The Sheriff also serves all writs, warrants, commitment papers and Court orders, and maintains the County Jail.
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office through community support has a K-9 unit, participates in a multi jurisdictional H.E.A.T. Team, and offers additional services alerting of scams, vacation property checks and a Take it to the Box program.

History of the Sheriff's Office
The Office of Sheriff is not a department of county government, it is the independent office through which the Sheriff exercises the powers of the public trust. Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. The Sheriff is the only head of a law enforcement agency in this nation that is accountable directly to the people of his /her jurisdiction. The first recorded Sheriff in Jackson County was I. F. Eddy  in 1866. Below is the list of Sheriff's who had the privilege and honor to serve as Sheriff of Jackson County starting with current Sheriff, Shawn R. Haken.
  • 2016-Present: Shawn R. Haken
  • 2004-2016: Roger R. Hawkinson
  • 1995-2003: Richard C. Seim
  • 1987-1994: Peter Eggimann
  • 1969-1986: Gerald D. Benjamin
  • 1943-1968: Harry A. Tordsen
  • 1939-1942: Chris Magnessen
  • 1935-1938: Henry Musegades
  • 1927-1934: Chris Magnessen
  • 1913-1926: Ole Lee
  • 1907-1912: Henry Terhaar
  • 1899-1908: M.B. Dunn
  • 1895-1898: Clark A. Wood
  • 1893-1894: Ole Anderson
  • 1891-1892: S.J. Moe
  • 1887-1890: C.A. Wood
  • 1880-1886: Charles Malchow
  • 1876-1879: Jens J. Johnson
  • 1874-1875: AC Serum
  • 1872-1873: Henry Knudson
  • 1868-1869: A. Miner
  • 1866-1867: I.F. Eddy
  • 1871: E. Sevatson
  • 1870: A.E. Wood
  • 1870: Anders Roe